Mrs Constance Light.


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It was my intention to announce my latest investigation.  I have, since the close of the castle investigation, been researching a similar legend to that of Lulworth Castle.  But, sadly, it was not be.  Following a meeting this very afternoon with the house management and family who own the property we decided not to pursue the investigation.  I am disheartened by this, and why wouldn’t I be.  After all, a lot of time and effort has gone into research.  This is  the grim reality of investigations.  I, of course, approached the family some time ago and they were very keen on the idea.  But, once the reality began to set in, a change of heart was had.  I will be honest, it’s their house, their rules and I accept that.

In the meantime, while I have a rethink and begin to research another site, I thought that I would tell you the story of how I met Constance Light. As some of you will know she is my medium, my friend and my ever reliable companion. 

It must have been at least 10 years since I first met Constance. I was working a night shift, I remember that it was my last night shift in the rotation and I was due rest days.  I had a student paramedic out with me.  I hated taking students out: if we were called to something really serious we were in trouble.  Then, as now, the ambulance service was very undermanned.  In fact, I am not entirely convinced that ‘overstaffed’ is in the NHS’ vocabulary.  Student paramedics know nothing and have experienced little.  Oh, it’s all changed now and paramedics need degrees, back then not so much. It was the experienced crew’s job to bring the students up to a level where they can be effective.

My partner of the evening, let’s call him Mike (it’s not his real name but you understand the need for some anonymity) answered the shout. We were off to an attempted suicide.  We arrived at the scene to find a woman in her 40’s, her clothes were soaked in blood.  She had been out for an evening with her husband and whilst at the restaurant a woman approached them.  The woman was in her twenties, she was very much like a younger version of the women we were attending to by all accounts.  She brazenly approached the dinning couple and announced to the wife that the husband had been sleeping with her and that she was expecting their child.  This hit the woman hard, she had not been able to have children with her husband, she had aggressive ovarian cancer and a hysterectomy was her only option.   The husband, I think, couldn’t bear to leave her and things came to a head on that fateful evening.

As I held the dressing to her throat to stem the gushing of blood I looked deep into her eyes; those eyes that held years of hurt, eyes that held years of betrayal but now eyes that held panic.  There was never any question of foul play – this was possibly the most genuine suicide attempt I had attended.  I lost her twice, resuscitated her twice and brought her back.  After I delivered her to the ED, I went back to the base station to change clothes, clean the ambulance, restock and get back out on the road.  That was my first meeting with Constance Light.

Some years later, just 2 years ago, I met Constance for a second time.  It was this meeting that changed things.  I told the story in my first post about the girl who got her revenge, or that’s how it seemed.  Not long after that event I was dealing with a drunk.  Friday night at a busy seaside town known for its stag and hen do’s was always busy with drunken time wasters. We were called to someone drunk and we attended, as we always do!  We did not convey the vomiting reveller.  I was about to close up the van and get on to our next shout when a women approached me.  She asked me for help, I asked what the problem was.  She said that she had to return a favour.  I said who to.  She said to me, for saving her life.

I was confused by the whole episode, and I insisted that I could not delay, I had an emergency and had to go.  She held her hand up and asked me to wait.  I don’t know why I just did.  As I stood there waiting at one end of the one way street I watched as, at the other end of the road, 3 cars. At high speed smashed into each other.  The woman looked at me and said, “You’re welcome!”  She then removed the scarf and revealed the scar beneath and I realised who she was, the woman I saved all those years ago.

She gave me her business card, ‘Constance Light, Medium’ and her number.  She walked off into the night.  She was right though, if I hadn’t waited that accident would have been me.  She told me later that she saw the accident in a vision, that she was duty bound to save my life as I had saved hers. 

Constance is a unique person, her brush with death opened up her eyes, metaphorically speaking. Or should I say that her third eye was opened, her dormant sixth sense awakened.  Her psychic powers activated.  This is, I believe, a common way for mediums to realise their sensitivity to the paranormal.  

The story of how we came to work together is best saved for another day.  I would be very interested in hearing your experiences with mediums, perhaps send via email to  Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter as well @wyndham_george

I shall let you know about my next investigation, just as soon as I sort out my next investigation.


Investigation report!


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Investigation Report: Lulworth Castle May 2015

Over the past week I have been running an investigation into reported sightings of a ‘Grey Lady’ apparition at the Dorset seat of the Weld family. I would like to thank the Historic Houses Association (HHA) for their patience, permission and support.


The history of the family seat of the Weld family is intriguing. The castle was built as a status symbol and not as a defensive structure. Its design is very traditional, being a square fort with four buttressed towers on each corner. It has four floors, although the original structure now stands gutted and has been rebuilt following a catastrophic fire that burned for 3 days in 1929. The castle, in the 1970’s, was rebuilt and is now open to the public. Only approximately 60% of the original structure remains intact, the rest has been added during the renovation.

Sighting: During the first day of the fire, one of the farm hands who was involved in attempting to fight the inferno saw a lady at one of the upper floor windows, he immediately and bravely entered the building with a ladder in order to rescue the damsel in distress. When he arrived under the window where he saw the lady he was unable to rescue the lady as the floor had, sometime previously, already collapse. There was no possible way anyone could have been at that window! There was no bodies found in the ashes of the fire and no reported missing people. This unexplained event is just one of the sightings that date back to the 16th century, since the castle was built.

Other sightings and strange events: it has been reported of a physical manifestation of spectral activity keeps reappearing. In the Nursery, or what was once a nursery, on the wall kept appearing a luminescence spot. No matter how well the wall was cleaned, plastered, painted or even after the cleansing effects of the fire, the spot kept reappearing and would precede a sighting of the ‘Grey Lady’. Much like many reported sightings of a spectral female associated with estates or families, the ‘Grey Lady’ appears to herald a calamitous event for the family, normally the demise of the head of the family, much like the Irish stories of the wailing banshee. But in the case of Lulworth Castle, its appearance foretold 3 events that ultimately led to the fire of 1929. The Christmas of 1928 saw a virulent and ravaging virus that claimed the life of the lady of the house. Following this a contested will saw the master loose all his contents from the castle and then the fire. It was 8 months of disaster for the Weld family and as a result draws into question how the fire began. It begs the question, ‘Was this Arson?’

 Investigation methods:

For the purposes of this investigation I have focused my efforts in the north of the building, in what was the great hall and under what was the main living quarters, where the sighting of the lady in the fire was and the probable location of the nursery. I used a mix of Temperature monitoring, EMF detector, EVP recorders, UV observations, Motion sensors, 35mm camera’s, control objects and finally the use of a medium.

Night 1:

My investigations are mostly undertaken solely by myself. This is because I do not trust that the interference of more individuals will only skew the findings and ruin impartiality. I realise that this may go against many other investigators that like a large crowd of people. But lets be honest, the more people the greater the risk of false readings. I have found on investigations in the past that a group of people tend to invent tension and heightened alert to the spectral as they want to believe, they generally want to find ghosts and as a result hold on to the merest glimmer of paranormal activity and explode in hysteria. I tried this method and nothing was discovered of relevance.

Night 1, was unremarkable. I recorded no variation in temperature, no abnormal readings on the EMF spectrum and recorded no EVP activity. There was no visual signs of a presence and no effect on control objects.

Many investigations also only attend a site for one night. I will be honest I have never understood this attitude. How can a balanced and thorough investigation be done in one night? If they find nothing, does that mean nothing is to be found? Do the residual spirits inhabit a location constantly? In my experience, No, it is usually an intermittent phenomenon and requires time to observe. I work on the mantra of, ‘Absence of Evidence is not evidence of absence.’

Night 2:

As before, no remarkable findings.

Night 3:

It is my belief that the intrusion of myself for a third night began to unsettle the residual energies. My first indication was a physical chill. I felt cold and it was localised in a single area by the central wall underneath the nursery. I felt the chill, it ran through my body chilling every part of me. I have never in my investigations felt a cold like it and it was localised, two metres in any direction and the temperature returned to normal. I set up the equipment in this spot. The temperature variance was 5 degree’s Celsius. This was encouraging. My first action was to powder the floor and table. The application of talcum powder is an antiquated procedure but effective. I then placed on the table the thermometer, an EMF detector and EVP recorder. Finally 2 control objects. Firstly a feather in a low vase stood upright and secondly a coin. I marked their locations in order to track any movement. I waited!

At periods of 30 minutes I would scan the area with the UV light. Nothing apparent.

The temperature remained at a constant 5 degrees below the rest of the room. The powder remained undisturbed the feather immobile. There was no draft that would explain such a localised temperature variance.

All control objects remained stationary.

As the sun rose the next morning so did the temperature. No other equipment picked up any abnormal readings. I was encouraged by this, it felt like a presence was definitely within the castle and that it was restless.
Night 4:

Buoyed by the gathering evidence of the previous evening I began the evenings investigation with renewed vigour. I set up the equipment exactly like the night before. My excitement was short lived. After 4 hours of monitoring the site yielded no results. Undeterred I began to explore. I soon located a cold spot at the opposite side of the room. It was below a window which concerned me as naturally one would expect the windows to be vulnerable to the cold as most castles have drafts. This is a unique castle. The windows are newly fitted UPVC and drafts are at a minimum. I set up a second set of kit on a table by the window. I have a policy that once I have set up an area of interest I will not move it, for that skews the investigation. The results will not be comparable if the equipment is constantly moved. I always carry enough spare kit to set up if needed.

It was in the early hours of the morning that events became interesting. The temperature in the window location began to fluctuate. As did the temperature at the central wall, the temperature dropped in both locations. What was more interesting was that under UV light the appearance of a photosensitive spot appeared above a fireplace in what I believe to be the nursery. It was pale but distinct, I couldn’t measure the spot as it was 40 feet in the air. It appeared oval, if I was to hazard a guess I would say that the shape resembled the outline of a portrait or wall mirror.

I felt a tingle. My skin began to crawl. And before you say it, it is not me being a bit over dramatic, there was an increased reading of static electricity in the room. The EMF scanners recorded a marked increase in electrical activity that lasted for 3 minutes.

The luminescence oval was now visible to the naked eye.

Over the next two hours I recorded 12 increases in readings of static charge at both locations, they were never at the same time. Once the charge dissipated by the window the charge increased by the wall. This indicated a roaming entity. It went from one side of the room to the other. Each event would only last for 3 minutes maximum. Then levels returned to their previous levels.

Coupled with the increase in electrical activity I recorded increased static on the EVP recorders. I have listened to them over and over again. I have listened to them at various volumes and I have been unable to discern any voices. The static crackle just gets louder at the same time of the increased atmospheric charge.

I am now convinced that there is an entity here. A haunting if you will, but definitely paranormal activity. It is at this point that I ask a medium to join me for the final evening.

Night 5

This was the final night of the investigation. I was satisfied that I gathered enough evidence to declare the castle as a ‘Site of Paranormal Interest and Activity’ (SPIA). Following the evidence gathered I deemed it necessary to invite a medium to the site. I invited Constance Light, a very old and trusted friend of mine who has some rare gifts. She has never let me down in the past.

The investigation takes a different approach with a medium on site. I forego the usual accoutrements like EVP and EMF, and only have control objects. I have the addition of a digital camcorder to record the events as they happen. I also have interview questions for the medium in case she can make contact.

Constance immediately felt unsettled as she entered the castle. She immediately felt that there was a presence and that it meant no harm to us.

I did not led her to where I suspected the activity to be located, as part of the investigation and my constant questioning of mediums ability, I let her lead me. She had no hesitation to lead me to the spot. She started by the window where I first recorded the EMF readings. No hesitation she indicated that that was a hotspot. I try to remain emotionless when she is identifying locations of interest as I do not want to influence her findings. Constance identified the second area I recorded readings, without hesitation.

This was good news!

I then followed my own protocols when dealing with confirmed medium contact. I asked Constance if she could sense a single presence, she said Yes. I asked her if she could attempt contact and she agreed.

Constance sat in the middle of the room, equidistant between the window and the fireplace. She entered what she calls a trance. It is more like a meditative state, she is aware of me and aware of any spirits. A foot, as it were, in two worlds. I can talk to her, ask questions and she will respond.

For 2 hours she sat with no contact, she could still sense the presence but she was not able to make contact. After 3 hours she said this to me, and I shall report what she says verbatim:

“The spirit dwelling here is an old soul. She has remained here for many hundreds of years. She has nothing to do with the events of the castle. She repeats her visits every night and day. She wonders through the castle and has done since it was built. She is not the spirit you are seeking”

This was obviously a blow. I was hoping that this was the manifestation that had been seen in the window. But Constance believes it to be another soul.


The castle is obviously an area of interest and although the evidence does not support the reported sighting of a woman in the fire that destroyed the building, there is evidence of a presence. As with so many old houses and castles, history always has a say. No matter what there will be some form of residual activity. I am just surprised that there was just one that I detected.

Paranormal investigation or ghost hunting is really hit and miss. Some reported sightings are based on an anniversary instead of a location, some are malevolent and foretell of impending doom. Some reported sightings are marketing gimmicks and are purely invented. As are some of the stories, sometimes its easier to blame a departed soul instead of face the grim reality.

As long as we question the sightings, question the stories then one day the truth will be revealed. I am busy planning my next investigation, conducting research and hope to begin investigating by Wednesday next week. My future investigations will be varied and wont be just ghosts or hauntings. I am also going to be looking for spectral beasts, vampires, werewolves amongst others!

Keep you posted!

A productive investigation!


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The first two night of the investigation yielded nothing as I have previously described. But, the third night did. Some strange occurrences began. I noticed a distinctly cold area in the great hall. Each time I walked through under where the main living quarters once were, I noticed a chill. I placed my thermometer in the area where I noticed it, there was indeed a drop in temperature, by a good 3 degrees. This was an encouraging sign that there was more to this rebuilt shell of a castle than the first nights investigations yielded.I spoke of using thermometers and EMF detectors in my last post. But, further to these methods I use a mix of old and new to investigate possible hauntings. The new methods include EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). EVP is fascinating. Using a detuned device like a radio or television to pick up on residual voices of the departed. This links in very closely with the theory I discussed when using an EMF detector that when we cross over, or not as is more appropriate then we leave a residual electronic charge. It is this charge that creates the phenomenon. I use old cathode ray tube television’s as well as speakers to detect EVP. Frankly, if you stare long enough at static you tend to pick up patterns, shapes and the constant crackle sometimes give way to half heard whispers. But, again it may yield results.

So on to the old, and some may seem severely outdated, but they are effective in investigations to discount the possibility that someone is fabricating their story more than anything else.

Talcum powder: Yes run of the mill Talc, for me I use Johnson’s Baby Powder. This, when sprinkled on the floor will easily show whether or not someone has been in the room. Often if there has been a sighting and there are footprints then that is a good sign someone is making it up, spirits generally being non-corporeal. However, what it can also show is air disturbance, which can be a good indication of activity. Whether a door has opened when no one is present, or patterns in the dust can indicate possibly hotspots.

A 35mm camera. An older film camera offers the ghost Hunter Extraordinaire the opportunity to control exposure, and therefore capturing an event in greater detail. A digital camera just does not have the capability to orbs, or other signs of sightings. I have now processed the films from my first two nights of investigations, and when I said in my last post that the investigation was not finding results, I of course was wrong. Why? Because the pictures I had taken had shown orbs, not many, and very localised to one location. It is here that I will focus my investigations as it is also where the temperature difference is located.

UV light: Black light show up a multitude of sins, normally carnal! But they can also show residual energy. Under black light I discovered in what would have been the upstairs of the castle a spot that glowed. There was no way that it could have been made by bodily fluids.

                                            Further investigations!

Tonight I go back, it is my last night of investigations in the castle before I make my conclusions. As is my practice with investigations on the final night, if I deem that enough evidence warrants it I ask a medium to join me. There are so many sham artists out there, so many so-called psychics who’s sole purpose is to deprive individuals and believers out of their money and grow their own wealth I despise these people and I have plans to expose a great many of them for the low, despicable con artists they are. That may sound harsh, and I apologise for that, but too many rely on the advice and more importantly the hope that fake mediums offer.

However, I trust my medium, she has never asked for a penny. I only bring her in to cases where I believe there to be a presence. I hear many of you saying, ‘Well if you suspect activity already and the psychic confirms this, hoe do you know she is trust worthy?’ I will tell you, when I started my investigations I, and she knows now I did this, tested her. I invited her to 10 allegedly haunted houses. 5 were genuine with preliminary evidence gathered, 5 were not. She managed to sift all the genuine from the negative. She reinforced the findings already gathered by the 5 and did not try to state activity where there is none.

Her name is Constance Light and she has been a support to me in my search for the truth, but also she has kept me honest in my investigations, helped me look deeper into the meanings of what I find and question everything.

It is traditional, and rightly so, to carry out investigations with more than one pair of eyes. I disagree with this approach, it does not work for me. I constantly questioned those there to help me and as a result I cannot trust even my own findings. That is why I work in this manner. I gather intelligence and preliminary evidence then ask Constance to join me to either reinforce my findings or discount them. She is what provides balance.

I have bombarded a lot of information for one blog. If you are still with me here at the end, then well done you! You may see from the tone of this piece that I am a little excited. I am expecting great things from this investigation. Constance, I am hoping, will be able to sense the Grey Lady. As always, please do contact me with your own stories and again my email is Follow me on Twitter @Wydham_George or on facebook at,paranomalinvestigator

I expect that my next post will be on Sunday, this is so I can gather the evidence of the week and present it in my report. I hope you will join me!

The investigation progresses


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I have now completed two nights of investigations at the castle, and sadly I have to report that I have no evidence to suggest that the reported haunting at this location is justified. So, let me run through my findings so far. Briefly explaining how I am investigating and the methods I am using.
Firstly I am monitoring temperature. I am looking for cold spots, variations in temperature and whether an entity can affect the physical environment. A great many sources, reported sightings, often describe a feeling of intense cold. Is this just a feeling that affects the living or is this a physical manifestation of temperature. This would be increasingly prevalent in country houses, castles and locations of interest as there is a great deal of environmental control to preserve the atmospheric conditions within the property. This means a monitoring of conditions can lead to areas to focus a study upon. Unfortunately at the present investigation there has been no variance in temperature. The castle I am investigating has maintained a steady 14 degrees overnight, both nights. I would expect this to be the case, manifestations would appear in highly localised areas and unless the thermometer was placed exactly where the apparition was then it would never record any variance.
My second source of investigation is Electromagnetic fields. I have EMF detectors set up in order to ascertain whether a spirit or apparition emits EMF energy. What is it we are looking for, and this brings me onto my first speculation of what a ghost is. What is brain function and brain activity? well simply put it is an electromagnetic process. All our higher functions is as a result of organic electricity. This, of course, is a simplified explanation. But, for the purposes of this theory it is good enough. Some would describe a spirit as residual electromagnetic energy. especially if that energy became disembodied through some traumatic event that heightened the activity within the brain. Obviously, EM energy dissipates over time. What if it feeds on the energy around them. When a castle is open to the public the amount of people visiting each add to the residual energy, increasing it growing it. what then of the electrical system, does that then add to the apparitions power. Is it any wonder then that sightings are often increased and recorded during ‘a dark and stormy night’. During a thunder-storm the amount of static energy and electricity bombarding the atmosphere is immense and again adds to the residual. This is why I have determined to use a EMF meter to monitor for increases in the spectrum. unfortunately, I am only reading background levels of energy.
I think for now that is a good introduction to my investigations, I will update tomorrow with further investigating techniques and hopefully something more substantial to report. 

In the meantime I am very interested to hear your stories. do you live in a haunted house? have you witnessed paranormal activity? I am keen to catalogue events. If you are not happy for me to reproduce the events, all names and places will of course be omitted, then please indicate not for publication. You can leave a comment here, or alternatively email me at

The Grey Lady 


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This is my first proper post of this new record of my investigations and as such, perhaps an introduction.  I have, for the past 15 years, been a paramedic.  I have worked for several NHS trusts and been located half the length of the country in that time.  Now, I am retired from the service.  I have seen too much, I have seen how the medical profession has changed from help at all costs to help if the budgets allow!  I was not happy with this provision of emergency medicine.  But, the clincher came in January.  I was called to a shout in the centre of a seaside town and popular resort, I did all I could for the patient, but her wounds were just too much and she had already gone.  The girl was 19 years old, she, by all accounts was bright and had such a promising future.  I watched as the light in her eyes left her.

It was later that night I learned from a friend in the police force that they had arrested a suspect in that girls murder.  I couldn’t believe that they had done so so fast.  But even a cursory glance at the CCTV was enough to incriminate him.  He was arrested and held in custody until questioning.  What were the chances that out of all the crews on duty it would be me that was called to attend and verify his death.  No one could explain how he died, even months later the coroner ruled it natural causes, but I suspect differently.  We received the shout a little after 5 am.  We were winding down, the revellers had all gone home, it was a time we traditionally caught up on the paperwork,  made the referrals for the non conveyances and started to think of the 07:30 home time.  The call came through to attend the station, reported disposition was suicide.  We attended.  I confirmed the death of the suspect and it was when I left the station that I noticed those eyes looking at me through the pale blue light of the pre dawn, that strange type of light that was neither dark,  nor light but awash of blue that preceded the dawn.  She stood there watching me load my kit, I glanced in her direction and she smiled and vanished.  Gone, but it was definitely her!  The official cause of his death was heart failure, but I can tell you now it was fright, that poor girl got her revenge.

This is just one of a hundred different stories that I have experienced in my time.  Maybe over the coming months I will share others.  There is no point in me denying that I am a believer, because let’s face it I am 100%.  But, I am determined to approach my new career as objectively and as skeptically as I possibly can.  I shall now discuss my first investigation and my approach.

In the heart of the Jurassic coast stands a castle that is attributed to the gothic revival, and in the 1920’s burnt down!  Lulworth castle is a fantastically imposing site, yet it was never intended to be a castle, in the proper meaning, it was never a fortress to defend lands or people.  It was a status symbol.

In 1929 fire ravaged through the castle destroying it completely.  There is one particular story that interests me, that is the story of the Gary lady.  The following passage is taken verbatim from the guidebook of the castle.

“One of the estate workers, Alfred Sturmey, described how, on hearing cries from above, he spotted a distressed lady in one of the tower windows.  With the help of a workmate, he ran up ladder to rescue her, but was amazed to discover that the floor of the room had collapsed hours before.  He was convinced he had seen the Grey Lady, a ghost that has followed the Weld family for centuries.”

I am fascinated by the stories of the Grey Lady.  It appears so often, nearly every old family, old house/estate seems to have a ghost of a lady that appears shrouded in grey cloth.  It happens so often that it is now the perennial go to legend for a country house.  But, what is the history behind these sightings.  Often they are linked with tragedy, and the Weld family certainly had that in 1929 not just the fire but before.  Tragedy followed tragedy that ended in the fire that ultimately ruined the castle.    Stick a figurative pin into a map of estates and I can almost guarantee that, that estate will be plagued by a Grey Lady.

I have been granted permission to make a scientific study of the castle and the grounds.  I have one week to do so.  I will be in the castle overnight in order to conduct a thorough study.  I shall bore you no longer about the details of the investigation.  Tomorrow, I shall report on the events of this evening, I shall record and publish the first nights study.